I’m Nick van der Plaat, a conceptual and strategic thinker that likes to do projects that are driven by a visionary purpose and focus on the future. I’m good at framing the bigger picture from a set of core beliefs and have an eye for detail and esthetic. I aim for win-win collaborations based on synergy, enthusiasm and complementary skills. It’s my mission to unleash the wonders of the world by creating opportunities that challenge the established.

nick # kcin.nl
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2016 – Present
New adventures

From September and onwards I’ll be focusing on new projects.

2015 – 2016

Connectable is a full service Internet of Things agency by Info.nl.
I was involved in developing the overall business proposition and gained experience as a product owner. My main responsibility as product owner was to maximize the value of the product in continuous dialogue with its users, the customer and the team. By collaborating with the Info.nl team I learned the basics of IoT technology and principles of agile development.

2014 – 2015



The core of Jaimes was at the crossroads of online learning and marketing. This is where my knowledge about brands, marketing and learning I gained at Team Academy was of good use. Together with the people of Fuenta we refined the concept, interviewed customers and pitched to investors.
I learned a lot about pitching, finding the right business partners and the future of online learning. 
Above all I discovered my ability for shaping the product vision and harmonizing it with the mission, brand and business goals.

2009 – 2014


Team Academy

In the summer of ’09 I started my journey at Team Academy, a special place where you’re challenged to imagine the future and learn what you can do to make it a reality. In a diverse team you collaborate on real world projects and learn to learn by reflection and dialogue sessions. For me it was a melting pot of experienced based learning, visual thinking and co-creation. I discovered processes like Human Centered Design, Lean Startup and Systems Thinking helped me with guiding the creative process and champion collaboration on complex maters. I began to identify my role in the team as a creator and challenger. In September 2014 I received my bachelors degree Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation.